Banking operations Banking operations

Banking operations

The Banking Operations Area produces and offers communication tools that meet requirements of reliability and compliance in respect of the laws (guides, brochures, posters, advertisements, contracts, information sheets, totems etc ...)

To meet the need to incorporate the inputs coming from the market and the specific needs of customers, we combine services and forms in both paper and electronic form with the simplicity and honesty of a trusted friend.

This service targets the following activities:

  • Management Shareholders (as a Service Attendance Shareholders Meeting and Management Survey Voting at General Meeting)
  • Contracts (in relationships with customers, banks must use tools technically correct and easy to use. With our contracts you can communicate reliability, professionalism, commitment and consistency with your service role in the development of families and businesses.)
  • Forms (production and supply of forms for banking operations up to date with the regulatory requirements. We are able to set new records or modify the one already in place in a short time, meeting the needs of each individual bank, with the flexibility of customization, from low to medium-high print runs with high quality standards.)
  • Information media (guide to the complaint, wear posters, forms Sepa, anti-money laundering, privacy, adhesives pagobancomat, driving isc of ocnto current deleghr, holographic labels, bands avvolgibanconote, contract viacard)
  • Transparency at the counter (offers solutions for: managing the banking transparency in accordance with the instructions of the Bank of Italy, to centralize all information sheets with automatic deployment in real time in all the branches, optimize the flow of customers at the counter, historicizing automatically leaves information to any changes with the possibility of subsequent research, advertise new products and financial services to customers.)