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Privacy policy

Following is the information provided, in accordance with art. 13 of d.lgs. n . 196/2003 (Code concerning the protection of personal data), users of the e-commerce site:



The owner of the information collected through the site is http://www.printingo.it è Erre Di Esse Grafica S.p.A. located in Via delle Industrie 8 - 23807 Merate (LC), hereafter referred to printingo.it

Printingo.it that will decide the purposes and ways of data processing in addition to the security measures regarding data aimed at their protection.


Not all data that requires printingo.it are required.

Mandatory data marked with an asterisk (*). If they are left out for any reason, this will prevent printingo.it to enforce all those relationships that necessarily require these data (Ex: login, purchase, use of services, customer support). All data that do not carry an asterisk (*) shall be construed optional and their omission does not involve any impediment.


Your data are used solely for the purchase of products and/or services; service delivery; customer support and/or products and send news. By way of indication, your data is processed to:

  • Registration to the site printingo.it to use the services offered by it;
  • Newsletter subscription and/or any promotional activity of the group;
  • Receiving orders, avoidance of the same and related activities;
  • ustomer care;
  • Assistance on items;
  • Contact by any other department staff of printingo.it (office returns, logistics department, marketing department ...).

Your data may be subject to processing aimed to introduce offers based on your tastes and/or preferences.

Based on this, printingo.it can create and send targeted advertising communications, except in the case where you have not refused to receive advertising communications about our products and/or services.

In case of purchases where the delivery of the product will occur to your / a friend / a (eg. Gifts, delivery to third ...) printingo.it will undertake to communicate to the "third" privacy policy but it will be you that you will receive consent to the data related to the "third" because you will be the responsible of the indication and / or insertion of the same. Your data will be communicated to third parties only ever subject to your consent, except in cases in which their communication is required by law or necessary for the objectives set by law and that the law itself does not fit your consent. Worth without limitation any queries police or requests from Paypal for payment by credit card on printingo.it, in order to process and complete your order.

No data will be detrimental to the image and reputation of printingo.it well as being contrary to morality, discriminating on the political, religious, racial and sexual orientation. It must not incite violence, pornography, pedophilia and illegal activities. In all these cases and in cases deemed contrary to law printingo.it shall be entitled to delete all data without notice.


You always have a right to know what information about you is processed and the origin of the same, but you also always entitled to obtain from printingo.it:

  • Updating, modification and integration of your data;
  • Deleting data;
  • Transformation into anonymous data for those that are not necessary for the purposes for which they are been collected;
  • The transactions in the preceding paragraphs have been communicated to those who need it for their work (except if the activity is extremely devoid of proportion in relation to the protected right or practically impossible).

You can express your refusal, total and / or partial, to the processing of your personal data for activities related to the purpose for which they were collected or for any commercial or advertising activities promos.

These can exercise your rights by sending an email to info@printingo.it or by sending a registered letter to Erre Di Esse Grafica S.p.A. - Via delle Industrie 8-23807 Merate (LC), or by sending a fax to +39 039 99 05 261.


Printingo.it is active to minimize any risk of loss and / or damage in whole or part of the data in our possession so as always vigilant that there is no unauthorized access.

Commitment printingo.it does not guarantee, however, that the above can happen and we would suggest that your hardware is equipped with software for data protection and antivirus as well as would be appropriate for your Internet provider is also equipped with all the measures necessary for the transmission of data.